About Striking

Welcome to AWC

Enthusiastic, earnest team started AWC buying agency in year 2016 with the visionary idea to bring Innovation, Global Sourcing & Adroit Designs.

As representative of Brands, we insure designing resources and production attained at best cost and quality through our Network of Global Sourcing in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam & Indonesia.We are adequate to serve brands to reduce their transit time and shipping cost.

Our insight to handle fast track order and assisting brands to be fashion foresee in minimum lead time is strength.

Edge with AWC

  • Artistry Design Development & Expertise in Production for Categories like Apparel, Leather, Fashion Accessories and Home Furnishing.
  • Billie Jean, International Design Expert is pioneer of AWC buying agency.
  • Global Head Offices in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Indonesia and growing YoY.
  • Gathering of Production Units in India, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Indonesia.
  • Brisk turnaround time within 3 weeks from Sample Development to Order Confirmation.
  • Accomplish Fast Track Orders with lead time of 45 to 60 days.
  • Annual Expansion of 125% YoY in revenue
  • Shipped more than 2 Million pieces with 95% On-Time Shipping and 0.1% Defect Rate.